Labour and Employment Law

Labour and Employment Law

Our firm has sound and credible expertise in; inter alia labour and employment law.

Labour and employment law is an area of expertise that MMMG boasts an abundance of knowledge and experience.  MMMG possesses sound expertise and experience in the field of employment law.  In particular, we have provided advisory services on disputes arising from, amongst others, insubordination, mal-performance of employment duties and other instances of breach of contract.

MMMG professionals have represented clients in a range of employment-related forums.

Consequently, our expertise and experience in this respect include:

  • Drafting of charge sheets for internal disciplinary hearings
  • Prosecuting at disciplinary hearings
  • Presiding and drafting findings at disciplinary hearings
  • Representing clients (both employers and employees) at the CCMA and Bargaining Councils
  • Drafting various legal opinions on labour matters
  • Drafting Employment contracts
  • Drafting of Employee Code of Conducts and other Human Resource Policies

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